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Fans of Kanata Hongo
...because he's just that cute
「レアル鬼ごっこTHE ORIGIN」 
26th-Apr-2013 02:38 pm
Real Onigokko The Origin

22-year-old actor Kanata Hongo will be getting his first lead TV drama role in a new series called Real Onigokko: THE ORIGIN, playing the protagonist Tsubasa Sato. The series is based on Yusuke Yamada's 2001 novel Real Onigokko (aka The Chasing World).

Onigokko is a Japanese version of the children's game "tag" in which one player is designated "oni" (demon) and must try to catch the other players.

Real Onigokko is set in the near future, when people with the surname "Sato" are chased down and killed if they're caught. The drama will stick to this basic premise with a clear and concise series of plot developments.

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