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Fans of Kanata Hongo

...because he's just that cute

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H O N G O ★ K A N A T A
Welcome to kanata_hongo, the livejournal community for the Japanese actor, Hongo Kanata!

Name: Hongo Kanata/本郷奏多
Birthday: 1990.11.15
Birthplace: Sendai, Miyagi Prefecture, Japan
Talent Agency: Stardust

2011 | GANTZ
2008 | GOTH, K-20, Aoi Tori, Silk
2006 | NANA 2, Prince of Tennis
2005 | Until the Lights Come Back, Hinokio
2004 | Moon Child
2002 | Returner

2010 | Yankee-kun to Megane-chan
2008 | Seigi no Mikata
2007 | Iryu Team Medical Dragon 2 (episode 8), Tantei Gakuen Q (episode 2), Seito Shokun!
2006 | Himitsu no Hanazono
2005 | Kiraware Matsuko no Issho
2004 | Aikurushii

2008 | The Gospeller: "Sky High"
2008 | GReeeeN: "Namida Sora"
2007 | B'z: "Eien no Tsubasa"
2006 | NANA starring Mika Nakashima: "Hitoiro" (movie version)
2005 | YUI: Tomorrow's way, Tomita Lab feat.CHEMISTRY: "Zutto Yomikake no Natsu"
2000 | The Boom: "LOVIBE"
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★Naturally, this is a Kanata community. Feel free to discuss him and his various projects.

★Large posts containing graphics or lots of text should be under an lj-cut. Use your own judgment in deciding. If the content is questionable, please friends-lock it too.

★Please respect everyone. Be polite to the other members and respect each others opinions. Also, do not bash other actors/actresses etc. no matter how much you think Kanata is better. Someone is bound to be offended. If a problem arises between you and another member of the community, contact one of the mods about it in private.

This is a fairly relaxed place, so feel free to browse! :) Also, please use the tags for the sake of convenience.

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